The Slow & Grounded Lifestyle You've Been Looking For

This course will help you start your journey towards a slower and more connected lifestyle. Learning to source food and materials locally, knowing what skills to develop, and finding the resources to become an expert on self-sufficient living.

Introduction To Gardening

Learn to garden anywhere! Easy and effective tips to start growing food anywhere from your kitchen counter, apartment patio, to a suburban backyard.

Cooking & Food Preservation

Learn to make healthy meals from scratch as well as save fresh produce in your pantry!

Self-Sufficiency Tools & Skills

Learn what tools and skills you need to be self-sufficient! From composting to rain water collection!

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Feel Secure In Times Of Uncertainty

This course will help you learn how to create sustainable food systems that feel safe and reliable, even if you can't grow a garden! With skills and knowledge, you can make sure your family is food secure.